Personal Goals Setting – Know Your Dream and Define Your Personal Goals

Do you know that you must set your personal goals to achieve your dreams Everyone is unique ¬†one man meat is another man’s poison. Therefore, everyone has different dreams. It’ll be good to define what you want in life and set the personal goals.

Broadly, you may goals in each of these areas in your life.

  1. Relationship and family
  2. Health and physic
  3. Career
  4. Finance
  5. Community/environment : giving back to society and making the world a better place.

There is nothing like a dream to create the future ~ by Victor Hugo.

Set a time apart to think about what you want in life. List all that you want in a piece of papers. If you can, put a priority number to it. Make the activity fun! You can put a color tag to each of the lists.


With that, you will trim the lists to a small number of significant goals which you want to focus in the next 12 months (or more depending on your preference). It’s good to keep the number small for both the goals and the months. 3-5 goals are a good number, 12 months period is a good period.

  1. Set big goals
    Example: Improve health.
  2. Set specific goals under the big goals. The goal need to be specific, measurable, realistic and attainable and within specific time frame.
    Example: Reduce 5kg within 6 months.
  3. Set a game plan to achieve the goals
    Example: Go to gym 3 times a week. Hire personal instructors to help with the program.
  4. Goal review quarterly/half yearly

On yearly basis, it is good to relook at the big goals:

  1. 1) Your priority may have changed, therefore the goals may have changed.
  2. 2) You have achieved the goals.
  3. 3) Although the big goals still applicable, but the specific goals have changed and need revision.

Last but not least, in defining and setting up personal goals, remember to live your own dream and not others’ dream and expectation.